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Judithstory's Events from 2018 to 2021

Sharing Stories Through Literary Events

Judithstory always takes opportunities to meet her readers and other audience to share her story and expertise in writing. She also speaks at events; invite her to your gatherings. Here are the places across the U.S. where we held and attended literary events.

Meet and Greet and Book Signings

• Books-A-Million‚ Dulles Town Center, Sterling, VA (8 Events)

• Barnes & Noble, Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA (4 Events)

Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans

Talks on Book Followed by Signings


The author loves appearing at book signings, discussions, and as guest speaker. Enthusiastic and welcoming, she interacts with her fans. Having given speeches throughout her Foreign Service career, she is at her best at such events, in person and on the web.


“Segregation and Integration: Living Then and Now”

“Nesting a Dream”

“Power of Education for Those on the Margins”

“Education through Overseas Travel”

“Foreign Service Prep”

“Cultural Contrasts between Americans and Those Beyond US Borders

Other topics related to Flowers for Brother Mudd and Chocolates for Mary Julia

Contact Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans at jmuddkrij@gmail.com



International Women’s Day at Welcome to Washington, McLean, VA Talk and Book Signings on March 8


Indie Authors’ Day at Fairfax County Library, Herndon, VA Let’s Talk About Biographies and Memoirs! on YouTube: November 12


Grow Your Path to Wellness
Topic: The Trauma Caused by Growing Up in the Jim Crow South
YouTube: March 29, 2022